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Ans pays a visit to the doctor

There aren't many people who remember Piets Stams (1851-1914). But Piet is still around; since many years he resides at Museum de Dorpsdokter (the village doctor) in Hilvarenbeek. Piet Stams was an imaginative tout. When he got old and sick he went to doctor Bloemen in the Gasthuisstraat. But the doctor couldn't help him, because Piet couldn't pay the bill. Then Piet offered the doctor to donate his skeleton after his dead. So it happened that Piets skeleton was exposed in the doctor's consulting room. Many years later, it arrived in Museum de Dorpsdokter. Piet Stams is one of the icons of TilburgsAns. It was handed over to Hans Schoenmaker, director of the museum.