Ans's secret

When TilburgsAns was launched on April, 10, 2017, the designers proudly announced that the icon font contained 50 icons. But when you count the pictures in the brochure (exclusive the Tilburg T-monogram) the total is just 49. For a year and a half the 50th icon has been Ans’s secret.

Now that Peter Noordanus, the mayor of Tilburg, retires, the moment has come to reveal this secret. Noordanus is known as a real criimefighter. In TilburgsAns the drugs criminality got a hidden icon, a so called ‘wietzolder’ (illegal weed plantation). During the mayors farewell meeting on September 29 alderman Marcelle Hendrickx revealed this icon. Everyone who downloads the TilburgsAnsPict or TilburgsAnsIcons font, thus installs an illegal weed plantation on his computer.

But Ans has another surprise. When an x is typed after the word ‘wietzolder’, the weed disappears! In this way Ans’s secret is a symbol for the mayors merit for Tilburg. During the reception a framed and signed print of the icon was handed over to Peter Noordanus, so he will always be connected to the city.