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April 2019 - Ans is 3 years old and gets a knòrrie

On 10 april is was three years ago that the typeface TilburgsAns was launched. The press release resulted in an article in national newspaper Trouw and interviews by Omroep Brabant and Fontys Hogeschool voor Journalistiek,as well as several mentions on radio programs. Ans has got a knòrrie, a pin of this icon can be bought at Vandemaker or ordered at knorrie@tilburgsans.nl. A print of the word 'Houdoe', a ligature of 'Tot  ziens', was handed over to Wim Daniëls, author of the recently published boek 'Houdoe'. 

TilburgsAns was applied in very different ways this month, varying from a birth card of Anna to a letter of resignation by alderman Erik de Ridder to the Tilburg city council. Erfgoed Tilburg used it on the banners of two exhibitions. Roeivereniging TOR applied Ans on a T-shirt sponsoring the KiKaRow event. Printed on paper we saw Ans on a joyful announcements by C.V. Op Staand, a coffee gift card by Van Rossums in Zutphen, a poster by the male choir La Renaissance, posters by Kaffee Lambiek, a plant card by Vandemaker, a poster by Kolektivo, a poster by Tilburg Trakteert and in the weekly newspapers Stadsnieuws (monument van de week) and Tilburgse Koerier (Koningsdag Korvel).