April 2019 - Ans is 3 years old and gets a knòrrie

On April 10 april three years ago TilburgsAns was launched. The newspaper Trouw spent an article on Ans's birthday and the designers were interviewed by Omroep Brbant and students of the Fontys School for Journalism.
This month Ans got a knòrrie (Tilburg dialect for canary). This pin can be bought at Vandemaker or ordered at knorrie@tilburgsans.nl. The listed word 'Houdoe' (Tilburg dialect for Goodbye) was handed over to Wim Daniëls,who wrote a book about this word.

This month Ans was applied on a birth card as well as a letter of resignation by a Tilburg alderman. Erfgoed Tilburg used the typeface on banners for two exhibitions. Rowing club TOR applied it on a T-shirt for KiKaRow. Furthermore Ans was printed on paper by a carnival association, a coffee company, a male choir, two bars, the Vandemaker shop, the tourist office and two local newspapers.