TilburgsAns is five years old

Time to look back how the typeface found its way in Tilburg – and abroad

Cinq Ans #6: An icon as a gift

Many people supported TilburgsAns by adopting a letter or space character. They are real ambassadors of the project. The icons, on the other hand, can't be adopted; they are a gift for individuals or organisations that are connected to the related subject. When you are an outspoken icon for the city, you deserve a present. That's why Sander and Ivo every now and then pay a visit to someone in the city to hand over a unique, framed and signed print of an icon.

Chosing the subjects for the series of icons, four categories were used: buildings, stories, events and dialect words. The handover is mostly linked with an occasion, paying special attention to the specific icon. The prawn cracker roof was delivered when the characteristic railway station was renovated in 2019. The LocHal icon went to the library when it moved to a new location in a beautiful renovated train repair shop (January 2019). And the curbstone was handed over to the Street Foundation during one of their cultural events in april 2017.
Mayor Peter Noordanus received two icons during his farewell party in 2017: the cannabis attic and the cleaned cannabis attic, two icons that where hidden in the typeface until then. They were the secret of Ans