TilburgsAns is five years old

Time to look back how the typeface found its way in Tilburg – and abroad

Cinq Ans #7: Special surprises

When you say ‘type’, you mostly think of printed matter (e.g. newspapers, brochures,books) and digital screens (e.g.websites, apps), but letters and icons can be used in many more ways. In the past five years, TilburgsAns was regularly applied in a surprising way.

Angelique Leermakers made a dog leash with the dialect text 'Bettie akkum aai?’ (Does he bite when I pet him?). In the theater show ‘Tilburgs Revue’ in 2018 the singer Hind Hakki appeared in a white gown decorated with many typographic characters. TilburgsAns was also used on big banners that were exposed during the visit to Tilburg by king Willem Alexander to celebrate his fiftieth birthday in 2017, on the ice cups of Vittorio, information panels in the Spoorpark, banners in the TijdLab/LocHal, furniture in the Tiwos building, for the wooden name of the Parkhuisje at the Wilhelmina parc, the texts on the Leesplèngske, the memorial plate for Wil Sterenborg, who defined the orthography of the Tilburg dialect, the traffic lights with variations on Ans’ jar pisser, mouth masks by Palace to Be and the Paradox jazz stage, a key ring by Studio Hop, texts in the skyline sby Shape Lab, a set of cards ‘Dwalen door Sint Anna’, labels and packaging of Schrobbelèr, labels for Van Rossum's Koffie, labels for T-drinks, a Christmas bauble and tiles by 013emblemen, personal tattoos as well as tattoos in the project Human Rights Tattoos.
Also in several sports Ans became a player: On a wall with the names of club members of Were Di hockey, on boats, medals and shirts of rowing club TOR, on the bib numbers of the annual Tilburg Ten Miles running event and on the shirts and captain's bracelet of the football team Willem II.

But the most moving application is the use of the typeface on birth cards and obituaries. TilburgsAns is not only present during all kind of events and happenings during our life, but also at the moment when someone arrives on this earth or at his or her farewell.