Curbstone exhibition XL

On Thursday 8 March, the kaajbaandexpositie XL (exhibition on the curbstone) was opened, an exhibition of TilburgsAns-icons on the wheelie bins of 64 households in the Meester Stormstraat, the Theresiaplein and the Minister Mutsaersstraat in the Tilburg quarter Theresia. The exhibition was opened by the garbage women of the Brabants Afval Team (BAT) and the children of group 6 of the elementary school De Stappen. Every Thursday the exhibition can be visited for free.

In the preceding days the designers Ivo van Leeuwen and Sander Neijnens gave several lessons at De Stappen about art, culture, heritage and language. 

This project was made possible by financial aid of CupudoErfgoed Tilburg and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds