December 2018 - pen bag stone paper

Text is mostly read from paper or a screen. But in December TilburgsAns was also applied on other materials. Benjamin Ritter cut a text in stone. The logo of the Tilburgse Revue was lasercut in a pen, a gift from Marie Thérèse Blomme for het guests at her farewell from this theater event. Atelier Leermakers made shopping bags with texts that were burned in leather. TilburgsAns was also printed on paper (for instance in advertisements by winkellinten Korvel en Besterd, on posters by the local tourist information) and on a panel counting bicycles. Besides that, a letter and an icon were handed over: Uitvaartbegeleiding Harriet van der Vleuten adopted the letter Ù and abbot Dom Bernardus received the icon of Abdij Koningshoeven.