January 2020

In January 2020 TilburgsAns was applied in the logo of the Internationale Carnavals Vereniging Groen Oranje and on posters of Tilburg Treats. The ending of WW II was celebrated with the event 'Tilburg 75 jaar vrij'; part of which were several banners with historic photographs, accompagnied by texts in TilburgsAns. Benjamin Ritter engraved Tilburg characters on the stairs to the office of the stonemasonry. The icon of the Roadburn festival was handed over to artistic director Walter Hoeijmakers. A special mention concerns the application of the typefaceon the new Tilburg reading board by the Tilburgse Taol Foundation. And in the Metropolitan Museum Tilburg the exhibition 'Wè knòrrie?' was opened with an overview of four years TilburgsAns.