June 2020

ShapeLab is a Tilburg company making 3D objects in cooperation with artist and events. Besides that they make a series of sky lines of cities and sport stadiums, using TilburgsAns for the typography. In June we met Esther, Ton and Raphael, the people behind these products. Furthermore, we received the book 'SNaKKEN EN GRaMLaCHJES, de perverse jeugdpoëzie van Bertus Barkas' from Gijsbert de Keizer, typeset in TilburgsAns. Cinecitta used the typeface on an announcement about the reopening of the cinema. The municipality of Tilburg used TilburgsAns in an advertisement and on a website about the ‘Tussenbalans’ (midtime evaluation), the tourist office used it on the monthly poster and Nicole van Beers made a real 'Greetings from Tilburg(sAns)' stamp. We also welcomed a new adopter; Koen Bakx adopted the summation sign.