November 2018 - from taolbèttel to tattoo

November started with a so called Taolbèttel (language battle), organised by Stichting Tilburgse Taol at Factorium, with many slides in TilburgsAns. During that event a booklet written by et schèèfatteljee was presented, also typeset in this font. Furthermore we discovered a new poster for the energy saving program 'Aan de slag met je huis', a Black friday advertisement by winkellint de Besterd, the monthly poster by Tilburg Trakteert and a new logo and information panel for Wereldwinkel Tilburg. Also the booklet 'NederlAnders, een verrassende blik op onze landkaart' by Wim Kersten TilburgsAns can be traced in text and on the maps. Amber Dijs had the Tilburg prefix 013 tattood on het ankle, in TilburgsAns of course. On the maquette of Tilburg 1955, built by volunteers in the past years commissioned by Stadsmuseum Tilburg a text was pasted, cut in wood by Fablab013. Last but not least the kruikenzeiker stoplicht (jarpisser's traffic light, an idea by Irene Vermeulen,executed byMarieke Vromans) got national attention. Both icons were desigend by Ivo van Leeuwen, elaborating the TilburgsAns icon.