September 2020

In September the design of the Tilburg postage stamp was printed on beach chairs. TilburgsAns was also spotted in a postcard from the Piushaven, a series of greetings cards by Rudi Klumpkens, overviews of hotspots on the Citymarketing-site, the poster by the tourist office, the podcasts Klimaatspagaat by Jesper Davits and Lettercast by Frank van Pamelen and Wim Daniëls, the website Binnenvaartkennis, the new Chocolinde packages, a birth card for Stef, a poster for Kunstlooproute Goirke, logos for K013 and Shiatsu Tilburg, an article in the German magazine Naturstein, advertisements by Schrobbelèr, a tattoo from Lotte van Oudheusden and a Christmas bauble with the jar pisser.