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TilburgsAns tattoo

The new punctuation mark jè. already inspired many people to spontaneous actions. Jürgen Siebert, director of TYPO Berlin, wore the ‘She loves you jè.jè.jè.’ T-shirt during his closing speech of the design conference. The expert on punctuation Keith Houston wrote a blog about it and Ramsey Margolis from New Zealand immediately ordered the shirt. 

But Hetty van de Vorstenbosch, a real Ans supporter, beats them all; she had the jè. tattooed on her right ankle. Hetty: “I like TilburgsAns so much. Now I can say ‘Look, that’s TilburgsAns’ jè.’. And when I have to answer someone, I just point at my ankle.”

The tattoo was made by Timothy Mahler.