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A typeface for a sans serif city

Welcome to TilburgsAns


The typeface TilburgsAns is an art project making a digital portrait of the city of Tilburg. The artists explore how type and imagery can connect people in and outside the city. Typographer Sander Neijnens got his inspiration from the character of the city which resulted in a raw, humorous, experimental, swinging, idiosyncratic, surprising and practical typeface. The typeface is available in four weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. Illustrator Ivo van Leeuwen drew the accompanying icons that symbolize specific Tilburg locations, events, persons and terms. These icons are stocked in a seperate font: TilburgsAnsPict. TilburgsAns can be downloaded for free. When the icons are used, the image rights of third parties have to be respected. Information about the TilburgsAns project and instructions for the download and installation of the fonts can be read in the downloadable English brochure


In 2017 two new versions of the typeface were made: TilburgsAnsText and TilburgsAnsIcons. In both of them the new punctuation mark jè is available. These typefaces are also available for free download.



TilburgsAns became the Runner-Up for the Social Innovation Award 2017. 

On May 27 the new typefaces TilburgsAnsText and TilburgsAnsIcons were launched during the international design conference TYPO Berlin. Both typefaces contain the punctuation mark jè. To introduce this mark a T-shirt was designed. Jürgen Siebert, director of the TYPO showed it during his closing speech (photo on the right, © Jens Tenhaeff).

Since June 12 you can order this shirt at t-shirt@tilburgsans.nl. Two enthusiastic fans, members of the Tilburgse Open Roeivereniging directly bought one. In the upper right the board members of the Letterteken Foundation, that manages the TilburgsAns project. From left to right: Paul van der Wal, Lou Niesten and Annette Paulsen.