The story of Ans

The story of Ans

TilburgsAns (just say Ans) is the raw, joyful, idiosyncratic, humorous and experimental typeface based on the character of the city of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. It can be downloaded for free by everyone who wants to use it for his or her publication. Four weights are available: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. Furthermore there’s the font TilburgsAnsIcons, identical to TilburgsAns Regular, but extended with a surprising feature: ninety typical Tilburg icons are incorporated in this font. They can be accessed by typing the words they represent. An overview of these icons is showed on the Icons page and in the digital brochure.


TilburgsAns was released on April 10, 2016. From then it pops up on many locations in the city. The joyful hopping typeface is mainly used for headings and seldom for running texts. That’s why a new version of the typeface is designed, TilburgsAnsText, that’s more balanced and also contains an italic and small caps. It’s like a Sunday’s Suit that Ans wears when she’s going out of town. In those cases she speaks without accent – as good as possible –, but you can still hear that she’s from Tilburg. TilburgsAnsText was launched at the TYPO Berlin 2017 and is also available for free download on this website.

More Icons

The first version of TilburgsAns (2016) contained fifty icons. For the new TilburgsAnsIcons font fourty new icons were made in 2017. And in 2019 another 33 icons were added. The total number of icons is now 123.