Ans in October 2018

It was a busy Ans month:
As usual VVV Tilburg published the monthly poster on the Tilburg billboardsas well as a banner for the related website. The Tilburgse Beiaard used TilburgsAns on a poster for an exhibition. Chocolinde chocolates can now be purchased at Chocolaterie BoulangerRoeivereniging TOR used the typeface on the medals for the Moordregatta and a poster for the Dutch Masters Open in 2019. The municipality started a campaign to make houses more energy efficient. The shops in the neighbourhoods Besterd and Korvel organised a garbage-battle. TilburgsAns was also used on the cd and website of the band Bruun and the website of Helly Coppens. The logo of the German rockband Grannys Garden is typeset in TilburgsAns. On October 14 oktober the band made a Tilburg tout with concerts in Kim's Kroeg and café Weemoed. The poster for the ‘Taolbèttel’ and the “Dikteej van de Stichting Tilburgse Taol’ (November 3 at Factorium) was typeset in TilburgsAns. Another application were the text pnaels for the exhibition 'Ritme in een nieuwe stad' at the Panorama Deck of the Textile Museum, with an overview of photo works by Wil van Dusseldorp. The library started an online reading club 'Leeshonger'. Kiwanis organised the first Stadsquiz, using the icons and letters from TilburgsAns. Looking forward to Carnaval 2019 Gijsje Eigenwijsje made a colourful emblem. At Van Rossum's koffie in Zutphen, TilburgsAns appeared on the sandwich menu.