Ans is part of the Tilburgse Revue

There won’t be many typefaces that can, like TilburgsAns, affirm that a music and theater piece is dedicated to her. On January 18 the premiere took place of the Tilburgse Revue ‘TóP 013’ in the repleted city theater. Two years a team of play writers, directors, singers, sage builders, musicians, actors, dansers, etc. worked to accomplish this hughe production comprising 13 scenes. Scene number 8 is based on TilburgsAns. While the letters became alive in a facinating choreography on three big digital screens, Hind Hakki sung a song together with a choir about the characters that came to the city from all over the world. Hind was wearing a white dress decorated with letters. All performing arts came together in this spectacular piece.
Besides that the typeface TilburgsAns and the associated icons were present in the accompanying brochure and the specially designed Tilburgse Revue memory game.