TilburgsAns is five years old

Time to look back how the typeface found its way in Tilburg – and abroad

Cinq Ans #10: Ans goes abroad

Ans not only received recognition in her hometown, but also in national and international media, for instance in The Daily Heller (2016) and The Recorder by Monotype (2017).

Ivo and Sander were also invited to the TYPO Berlin 2017, the renowned international type conference. Their presentation about TilburgsAns – and the launch of the jè-mark – resulted in new developments. The German stonemason Benjamin Ritter adopted the letter Å and he regularly uses TilburgsAns for his works, among which a memorial stone from 2019 to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. Of course Tilburg has become his favorite holiday destination.
The design of the new punctuation mark ‘jè’ was discussed by punctuation expert Keith Houston on his Shady Characters blog. Ramsey Margolis from Wellington, New Zealand read that article and ordered a jè T-shirt. And Robert Leblanc from Toronto, Canada used the jè-mark on a poster about innovative punctuation. 

In January 2020 TilburgsAns came in contact with the designers of PlovdivTypeface. That typeface was designed to celebrate Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture 2019. It has much in common with TilburgsAns and the designers of both typefaces made a joint presentation for the ATypI conference in October 2020

Sociolinguist Johan Järlehed, affiliated with Göteborg University, made a comparison between TilburgsAns and the Dubai Font. A publication about his research is in preparation.