TilburgsAns is five years old

Time to look back how the typeface found its way in Tilburg – and abroad

Cinq Ans #2: Letter adoption plan

The design of the typeface TilburgsAns included many more activities than just drawing letters and icons. Many people from different sectors of the Tilburg community were consulted to find out how to define the city’s character and which items to chose to be turned into an icon. A brochure had to be printed with background information about the project. A website had to be designed from which the typeface can be downloaded. And the font needed a license that defines what you can do and what you shouldn't do with the software. A foundation was established to oversee the financial ins and outs. And an event had to be organised to launch the typeface (on April 10, 2016) with several artists who gave their musical, dancing, theatrical and poetic vision on Tilburg. 

Financial support came from the municipality, citymarketing and an art fund. But the biggest contribution came from the letter adoption plan that started in December 2015. Companies, organsiations and individuals can adopt a specific letter from TilburgsAns, printed, framed and signed by the artists for €200. Another option is to adopt a space character; for €10 you get a numbered and signed certificate. 

This adoption plan was a big success. A special webpage had to be made rapidly to show which characters are still available for adoption. Until now about 150 characters are adopted and more than 300 spaces. They adorn the walls in many livings, conference rooms and toilets, desks and showcases. Not only typographers love type, but also poets, politicians, dentists, cultural and sports organisations, shops, restaurants, artists, printers, scientists, museums, cinemas and hard boiled Tilburg inhabitants. The fact that the space – a numbered piece of paper with just two signatures – is immensly popular shows that the adopters are gifted with a lot of imagination and confidence in the arts.

There are still letters and symbols waiting for adoption and an awfull lot of space. Just have a look at the letteradoption page.