TilburgsAns is five years old

Time to look back how the typeface found its way in Tilburg – and abroad

Cinq Ans #9: The municipality

TilburgsAns can be downloaded and used for free. The designers made this choice because it is an art project aimed to connect people to each other, so everyone should be able to participate. To finance the work the municpality was contacted in an early stage. At first there was some scepsis but in Summer 2015 alderman Marcelle Hendrickx decided to give a start-up grant. The municipality also adopted the letter T (of course) and the letter K of Kermis (the famous annual fair) and made 45 billboards available to announce the launch of the typeface in April 2016. 
But the project itself always followed her own independent course, under the guidance of the Letterteken Foundation that also keeps Ans’s housekeeping book.

Every now and then the municipality of Tilburg also uses TilburgsAns. The icons of particular buildings were used as landmarks on the printed and the digital city map. Several icons were used on a wall paper designed for the skybox in the football stadium (2016), in a special logo for King’s Day 2017 and in a special city skyline (2020).
The typeface was applied in the publication ‘Gezond en gelukkig in Tilburg’ (Healthy and happy in Tilburg) that explained the plans of the local administration for the period 2018-2022. Two years later a mid-term balance was presented on a website that was typeset in TilburgsAns. Furthermore Ans was present on posters of a local energy campaign, a panel with a bicycle counter, information panels for monumental trees and a farewell letter of alderman Erik de Ridder.

In 2021 TilburgsAns got a permanent spot in the renovated City hall. Sander and Ivo designed privacy foils for conference rooms, using icons of birds with dialect generic names: èùl (owl), knòrrie (canary), tjannek (jackdaw), dèùf (pigeon) and tuureluut (crested lark).