January 2019 - LocHal, dentist and many others

On the second day of the new year the new housing of the library in the LocHal was opened. TilburgsAns was applied in one of the first events in this beautiful building, a project about reading education. On January 27 the icon of the so called LocHal (a former locomotive repair shop) was handed over to Peter Kok, director of the library and TilburgsAns gave a Pecha Kucha presentation and a workshop. The typeface is also applied in the Jaozeetie exhibition. And the German TilburgsAns fan Benjamin Ritter payed a visit to the birthplace of Ans together with his family.

Furthermore TilburgsAns was traced in a letter by the website JazzNu, a poetry bundle by Floor Jongenelen, the Cult section of the Tilburgse Koerier, a flyer about Epiphany, a poster and banner by VVV Tilburg. The Dental practice Reijnen has a new building where informative posters typeset in TilburgsAns cover the front windows. Esther Nagtegaal made a crochet work with the icon of the Rotating House. And Gijsbert de Keizer from Maastricht adopted the radical sign. It was a busy month.