June 2019 - at Pinkpop festival and city parc

Every month TilburgsAns is present on the posters of the tourist office. This month she also appeared on posters of the new city parc Spoorpark. This parc is one of the 33 new icons for TilburgsAns. On June 13 the icon was handed over to parc manager Sophie Peters and board member Noud Derks. Two other icons were handed over this month. The classic bus shelter went to Dirk van Alphen, who decided to put this shelter on the list of local monuments. The icon of the dialect word 'schèène' (meaning shine, as well as curse) went to Ferry van de Zaamde. Furthermore Julien Arts made designs for a hotle room, using TilburgsAnsIcons, the kruikenzeiker-icon became an applique for the cloth brand Oôt ketuur, The She loves you shirt was explained by Ralf Embrechts to the director of the Pinkpop festival jan Smeets. Tilburgsns was also used on a flyer of the flower garden Sint Franciscus, a poster for a Garage Party in Neukirchen (Germany), the blog of the residential community of the Lindehoeve and a banner for an exhibition with city paintings.