March 2019 - Carnival, adoptions and publications

During the yearly carnival fest TilburgsAns appeared in a cotton candy stall, on the shirts of five elves and of the Kwikmedrillekes and on the monthly poster of the tourist office. This month two icons were handed over, respectively the restaured kroepoekdah of the train station and the Factorium stage that celebrated its 150th birthday. An adopted space character arrived in Brasil. The TilburgsAns-exhibition from 2016 was mentioned in the bestseller 'Houdoe' by Wim Daniëls. And the typeface was applied on a poster of the Deining choir, a name plate of the Van Iersel family, a handy guide to the Dwaalgebied, the labels of the 'Give me a Hug' exhibition, the invitation for the Santé art benefit, and the Spoorpark brochure. Rowing club TOR baptised the boat anmed Waldemar, the first boat with its own icon. And two workshops were given on 9 and 23 March in the centralLibrary LocHal.