November 2020

Miranda van de Mortel made a card box 'Wandering around Sint Anna' with historic and actual photographs of this Tilburg neighbourhood. The texts on teh cards and box were tyepset in TilburgsAns. Also the booklet for the art walk Theresia on November 28 and 29 used this typeface; during that weekend, Ans got an exposition site at Harries Hairline. TilburgsAns was applied on bottles and jars by T-Drinks, glas coasters by 013 emblemen, the website and folders by Vincents Tekenlokaal and a wall poster in the new office building Plan-t. Noteworthy is the presentation by Swedish linguist Johan Järlehed for Hong Kong University about 'The power of expression': typography, politics and place in late capitalist city branding. TilburgsAns was a central example in this presentation which will eventually be published in a scientific paper. Dè wèl dè (Tilburg dialect for something like 'You see!?').