TilburgsAns Icons Puzzle

TilburgsAns Icons Puzzle

In the local newspaper Stadsnieuws from April 22, page 17 showes a review of the year 2019 by the municipality of Tilburg. On the bottom side of this page a city skyline is printed, built out of TilburgsAns' icons, made by the city's Communication department. How many icons have they used and which locations can be found in this skyline? Do you recognize them? A nice opportunity for a puzzle.


What's the problem?
Answer these two questions:
- How many icons are used in this skyline?
- Which icons are pictured?
Send your solution before May 8 by mail to: prijsvraag@tilburgsans.nl. 


Five prices are available:
- a ‘She loves you’ T-shirt,
- a bottle ‘Dègge bedankt zèèt dè witte’ wèèn, 
- a pin of the kruikenzeiker,
- a pin of the knòrrie,
- a pin of the Gouden Worst.


The price winners will be notified by mail before May 15.
It is not possible to correspond about the decision of the jury.

PS. The newspaper can be found on the website of Stadsnieuws.