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TilburgsAns introduces a new punctuation mark

On May 27, at the international design conference TYPO Berlin two new typefaces will be launched that are designed as part of the TilburgsAns project. Both typefaces - TilburgsAnsText and TilburgsAnsIcons - contain a new punctuation mark. This mark is based on the Tilburg dialect word 'jè' (which sounds more or less as 'yeah') that is used as a confirmation but often expresses some doubt or mild irony. The jè-mark bridges the gap between the exclamation point and the question mark.
The video of the talk at TYPO Berlin can be watched at the TYPO talks website. The introduction of the jè-mark starts at 36:15. 

The form of this mark shows the letter j that is rotated 180 degrees, with an elongated curl, showing the eye of the e. Following this principle it can easily be constructed in any typeface. It can also simply be applied in handwriting.

On the standard keyboard there is not yet a key or shortcut for the jè-mark. In TilburgsAnsText and TilburgsAnsIcons it is incorporated as a ligature, a replacement character when the j, the e and the period are typed. In this way the mark can be applied in texts - as long as the text is typeset in TilburgsAnsText or TilburgsAnsIcons.